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For anyone that is ever sourceing out steroids on the internet in particular facebook beware of the canadian base scammer , frankie ciancio of the cities toronoto canada and edmonton canada. He uses the email .

Beware this seller will claim to offer clinets various anabolic steroids and offers payment via western union or money gram . Once the money is send he will disapear and block you from your facebook. This happended to me and when i posted he was a scammer he made up alot of garbages and was becoming very beligerant with me for informing the public about his scammer operation

Yes frankie ciancio posts in face book under various diffrent acocunt and will constanlty change his name and prodct list in order to try and trick innoccent client . A few names he has used on face book are ryan ryerson , ryan johnson , canada ancilaries , and a few other ones .

various personl in formation from various sources about frankie cinacio

sex- male

race - caucasion of italian background

wieght- it is rummored from those that deal with him direclty he is around 160 to 175 pounds give or take

hair color - picutres that have been seen and freind that know him say he has black hair

Height - is between five feet nine inches and five feet ten inches

Ages - not available but from creditable sources he is around late 20s to early 30s .

Addres - lives in both toronto metropitian area and the emdonton area as he tends to move to difrent ontario citeis

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Occupation - he advertises on varoius internet sites to offer personal training session

Review about: Supplements.

Monetary Loss: $150.



A. Don't use powerful drugs like steroids I less you have a legitimate medical condition diagnosed but am endocrinologist (hormone doctor) .

Unless you want cancer of the balls. Yes nut cancer controlled by castration. Ask Lance Armstrong or John Kruck (Philadelphia Phillies) or one nut nick and no Balls Bradley.. The last are guys I knew who look great but whose sex organs are useless.

I feel you want big muscles and serious illness later in life go ahead. I personally knew a great guy who one a bunch of awards at the top international bodybuilding level . Died in his early 40's of serious internal organ.


This guy who ripped you off if a Nutt surfer if I ever saw one. Don't try to be him unless that's you preference. Live and let live.

If not get out from I'm front of the mirror. Stop posting yourself on the Internet in the social loser sites and live your life.


hey " ***"

i bet u are a creatine *** suck. steriods = loser?


*** has no clue.

*** skinny, zit face

to ewok #1026503

Shut your noodle as a up


hey *** can you get more money from this scamming to afford a better sweet shirt than that dumpster find you got on homo

to frank ciancio #1026504

If you only weigh 170 pounds, you're a skinny punk and need to hit the iron while putting down some carbs.


All of a sudden his pix are down on myspace lol these scammers are quick


you are an ***, sir, if you try to buy any type of steroids.

steroids = loser


Iwill kill all your family then *** on there graves


Dear Sir,

I am Alain Michel, I know you don't know me in person, of which bad people in this world has made us not to trust the good ones again, but as for me you really need to trust me, my purpose of contacting you is to invest some money with you.

I have the sum of 4,700,000 Euro which i will like to know the kind of investment we can invest the money into,so if you are willing get back to me ,in order for us to discuss on how the fund will be transferred to your account. So feel free to contact me on my direct phone number +225 09 53 14 61 or you send me an E-Mail:

Finally, i will be waiting for your response.

Alain Michel :p


lmao!! edmonton isnt in ontario you dumb *** ! lmao did anybody else read this ?

also, this kid looks no older then 17.

you guys are wasting your time


Looks like you pulled that sweat shirt out a dumpster frankie ciancio cant you afford a better one with your money you steal


when did edmonton become an ontario city lol


Well maybe he scammed some idiots as i talked to the guy for months and thought he was a genuines guy. But the face that he allowed all this personal information to be divulged was not the most stealth part on this part. At least if your going to scam dont use your personal facebook account and the same email that links you to your personal social networking newtwoirsl.

Opps maybe i shoulndt be pointing out the things he did wrong this may allow him t o be a bit more stealth


dayum, he fine , id tap that :roll :roll


its funny how you say hes not a smart scammer yet its obvious hes scammed alot of people for you to be doing this.


well the guy was using his real name to pick up th western union and was using paypal to scamm people so he wasnt a smart scammer with the way he scammed people and i did an ip check on the guy to


this looks fake, how do you get all of somones i.d if there a scammer ? i think your just playing games. weak.


Well why dont you gladdly go onto facebook and ask 25 mad roid ragers that were ripped off . If he was innocent i wouldnt have a reason to be rigthing this about him


I contacted him on Myspace and told him he was being labeled as a scammer on here to see if he would come respond. He said that he saw this post and doesn't know what you are talking about..smh


:zzz It is best not to buy inline if the merchant does not accepts credit cards or paypal because you have a way to dispute transactions or file a claim and even stop payment. :zzz

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